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Stephanie Martin

Executive producer

Drawing on over two decades of experience, with a seasoned professional background in the fields of design and visual communication. Her career has been characterized by exceptional expertise in defining companies’ DNA, creating impactful visual communications both online and offline, as well as effectively managing innovative projects.

Her acute sense of organization enables her to successfully complete diverse missions, from bold visual creations to complex television production projects. Her ability to maintain a high level of efficiency, even in demanding environments, has been demonstrated time and time again.

Beyond her technical skills, her remarkable team-working ability stands out. Sharing her knowledge as a mentor and collaborating with renowned companies has sparked a passion for teamwork reflected in her capacity to inspire, coordinate collective efforts, and turn every project into a rewarding creative adventure.

Her comprehensive professionalism is capable of combining technical expertise, impeccable organization, proven efficiency, and a genuine aptitude for teamwork to successfully execute captivating projects.

As an executive producer for the show “Made In Quebec” and a technical producer for “Vivre à la Campagne,” she oversees pre-production, contributes to content writing, and creates captivating motion design elements for corporate and advertising videos. This diversity of skills demonstrates versatility and an ability to adapt to new challenges.

She excels in creating and shaping memorable and impactful visual experiences, whether for a corporate brand or television production.

Constant exploration and brainstorming fuel her creativity and commitment to telling captivating stories through imagery, design, and television. These mediums interact harmoniously when one knows how to bring them together and assemble them effectively.

Marie Danielle Hynes

Delegate producer and development chef

As General Manager and Executive Producer, Marie Danielle Hynes founded, led, and coordinated the production house POINT FINAL, collaborating with TQS (Montreal) and RADIO-CANADA (Regional). She has enhanced, created, and guided over twenty original productions, spanning a variety of television formats such as news, morning daily shows, election nights, parades, sitcoms, hockey matches, telethons, etc.

As Executive Producer and co-founder of IPROD PRODUCTIONS, she has developed, expanded, and produced 10 unique documentaries and 3 documentary series for Canal Vie, Historia, and Vrak. Among her accomplishments are projects like “Johanne Fontaine,” “SNO Hawaii,” “Miss Sushi,” “La Chute,” “Lyme Disease,” “Gilles de la Tourette,” “The Paranormal Investigator,” and others.

As a producer and consultant, she has developed and produced documentaries for HISTORIA and RDS, covering subjects such as “Helmeted Warriors,” “history of football,” and “50 years of Pee-Wee in Quebec.”

Throughout her professional journey, she has gained extensive experience as a producer, conceptualizing author documentaries in Rwanda for SPHERE MEDIA, aired on the HISTORIA channel, focusing on the duty of remembrance.

Her experience also includes directing, managing, and producing various projects for TVA, including “La Collection,” “La classe de 5e,” “La Voix,” “Testé sur des humains,” “Fort Boyard,” parades, “Magazine Vlog web,” etc.

Upon joining ZONE 3, she planned and built the Programs department for CANAL VIE, TQS, and LIFE CHANNEL, overseeing programs such as “Les copines d’abord,” “Éros in French and English,” “Sortie gaie,” “Magazine santé,” “Ciné-cure,” “Les Copains,” “Allo Doc,” “CNM,” and many others.

In parallel, she has also taken on roles as a journalist, director, and chief researcher for broadcasters such as TVA, RC, TQS, NOOVO, CANAL VIE, as well as production houses Zone 3, IProd Productions, Prisma, Sphere Media Productions, and several others.

Overall, Marie Danielle Hynes is an accomplished professional who brings significant value to any media project through her direction, collaboration, motivation, and team mobilization. Results-oriented, she knows how to achieve set objectives and excels in creating innovative content. Her past successes attest to her ability to develop captivating television shows and engaging web content.

It is also for her extensive experience that chose to recruit her due to her impressive professional background, making her a major asset to actively participate in the development and production process.


Philippe-louis martin


Meet Philippe-Louis Martin, a passionate director, stage manager, and true artist. With extensive experience in television production, he excels in creating sitcoms, musical variety shows, impactful advertisements, and multi-camera live broadcasts. Leveraging his expertise in 3D animation and motion capture, he pushes the boundaries of imagination.

Philippe-Louis Martin stands out for his exceptional technical skills in video and audio production and post-production. He is proficient in renowned tools such as Avid, After Effects, Davinci, Flame, Nuke, Pro Tools, and Resolve, creating visual and auditory works of exceptional quality.

He has produced and directed for Lara Fabian, Roch Voisine, and Anthony Kavanagh, among others. He is the director and creator of the series Catherine (broadcasted on M6). For 14 years, he directed a daily 3D and motion capture series, ET DIEU CRÉA LAFLAQUE.

As a television director for TVA and CNN (news and morning shows), he has demonstrated his expertise.

He is a member of ARRQ, a member of SMPTE, and a member of the Director’s Guild of America.



Pour la série Majeur et vacciné


From the Canadian Television Academy

For the show Catherine


From the Canadian Television Academy

Best director (Catherine, Majeur et vacciné, Et Dieu créa Laflaque)


Best show recording for Stéphane Rousseau.


for Carpe Diem album from Lara Fabian


for Pure from Lara Fabian


for his documentary of Michel Legrand
with the collaboration of Quincy Jonces